Instigator at a young age

Instigator at a young age
What? I don't cause trouble!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I just read my JDRF newsletter. (JDRF meaning Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for all of you not in the know) The annual walk for this year is Pirate themed. I am thinking HOW FUN!!! So, as most of you know, I like to design stuff. It is my career after all. So I thought I would float out some design ideas. (Since I only have like one friend who actually admits to reading this horrible writing thing that I do, even though it might get me in trouble with people)
So I am thinking of something simpler. (Well, kinda) The JDRF shoes HAVE to be incorporated on the shirt. So I was thinking using them as a flag pole. The flag would have a BG meter (Reading "HI"? Not typically a good sign, but I want to use that instead of the skull or [boring] a smiley face) and for the crossbones a syringe and a Insulin Pen. (One of the three ways Insulin is taken) I have also considered using an insulin pump instead of the meter as the "Skull." So? What do you think? Any ideas. The walk is in October this year. Feel free to bounce some ideas off me. (just as long as they are soft and will not damage my already brain damaged head anymore than it already is)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

an idea

I read an article in my alumni newsletter about using twitter to get a new job. Here is a problem I have. I like actually being Social on social networking sites. So how can you be social AND professional on these sites? The article also suggested to try to separate your personal and professional lives. I agree, however, if you have a blog, facebook or twitter page to use for both personal and professional it would almost mandate that you have two accounts of each right?
To put a long rant short. I am considering making a new facebook, etc page and link it to an old email account that I NEVER use anymore for my professional pages. That should work right?