Instigator at a young age

Instigator at a young age
What? I don't cause trouble!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The blog that isn't

I signed on planning on blogging about how life is not always happy and positive and that people are not always what you think they are and some times you DO have bad days, no matter how positive you try to be. However, after thinking about how our lives are no longer private anymore and how if you DO give an example of how a person you thought was your friend disappointed you or talk about a bad day you had at a party or at work; you might possibly offend someone one and they might possibly make it their sole purpose in life to destroy yours because you used an experience with them or a common place that they were at; I decided just to keep my mouth shut and bottle up all these frustrating feelings inside. I am sure that is not the healthy thing to do and talking to someone would be a much better option, but I do not think I need to go so far as to hire a Counselor and I do not wish to talk to anyone who actually knows the other persons or places. Does anyone truly get it that sometimes people need to talk to an actual human being with feelings about something that they need a totally objective viewpoint from. This is only possible if that person is not involved with the situation at hand. They need not to know the place involved or the people involved. Blogging would be a great way to find an objective viewpoint. The problem is you also find the non objective viewpoints as well. (and heaven forbid that someone else's feeling besides mine get hurt!) 
Sometimes I get tired of always looking for the sliver lining and want to vent and rage! I ask; is that so wrong? It used to be people would understand when someone was just getting something off their chest and that is was a healthy think to do, but not anymore. I feel that people are always watching; waiting to stab you in the back. There are exceptions. (of course) There are a small few that I trust 100%. Those people I DO talk to, but as great as they are; sometimes they cannot give the objective opinions that I need.
I keep debating if I really want to keep this blog.
It seems to cause more trouble then help, even when I read other people's blog they are MUCH more controversial and potentially hurtful than mine have ever been.

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