Instigator at a young age

Instigator at a young age
What? I don't cause trouble!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My comic book Characters

I found an old notebook the other day. Inside I found a treasure trove of ideas. One such idea was that of getting off my lazy bum and making a comic book. I vaguely remember coming up with these ideas with my supervisor at a previous job; That being said, I cannot take all the credit for such creativity (or at least that is what the notes on the side margins say)
I thought I'd share. Enjoy.

Greater Graphic City (Challenged by evil, but protected by the forces of good)

Staple Boy - Armed with his evil staple, this is the only way he knows how to attach copy.

Baggie Boy - Suffocates poor artwork after cutting them down to nothing

The Duh Man - This evil league of salesmen leave instructions that Mr. Obvious takes for granted.

Sticky Sales - Sticky loves tape. Tape over logos, everything. He can never use too much of the sticky stuff.

The Handwriting Horror - The most evil of all! He tortures with bad penmanship.

Never Ending - Never ends with corrections and add ons.

Chaos Card - Chaos ignores all attempts to make a piece original.

Technology Impairment Man - He THINKS he know how to send files in the proper format

The 72 dpi Team - This Team of Villains refuse to send artwork above 72 dpi and then complain when it does not print well

Newsprint Man - Loves to use artwork and pictures previously printed on newsprint. He always wants them to look magazine quality

The Scan Me Men - This team of superheroes can scan and clean up Anything. (and we Do mean EVERYTHING!)

Miracle Worker - Somehow she always makes it work. She can't explain it, but the job gets done on time.

The Captain - With a constant headache, he always come through for his team

The Negotiator  - Has the power to satisfy the forces of evil for a short period of time. (usually 48 hours)

Mac Mechanic - This brave soul has the power to be immune to the evil affect of the Macintosh.

On the Fence:
Wonder Boy - Unsure if he is in league with evil; this misunderstood kid tries to find his place by fixing the technology for the forces of good

Donut Dan - Dan supplies Donuts to the headquarters of the Greater Graphic City. We are unsure if this is a good thing (To provide a yummy treat for our heroes) or a bad thing (To make our heroes gain too much weight so that they are out of shape to fight crime)

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